Three Ultimate Homemade Bug Traps

Are you sick of the pests at your home?

Were no traps efficient enough to stop them from invading your house?

If you think there is no such homemade bug trap that can actually work, then your belief is going to be changed. Here we are talking about three bug trap homemade that you can easily make with just some readily available household items to wipe out the pests at once.

The pro pest exterminators have tested all of these three homemade bug traps. It has eliminated certain pests efficiently. So now it’s your time to get rid of these pests right away.

Let’s find out the ways to make these bug traps at home.

Bug trap Homemade for Stink Bug

One can make a perfect homemade trap that will keep the stink bugs at arm’s length. You can start by taking a two-liter plastic bottle. And then cut off the top 2 inches of it. Then put it upside down and bind the neck to the opening to ensure that the top sits perfectly inside the bottle. And then you can put any light, preferably battery-powered, into the container.

Keep this in some basement or attics where it would attract the stink bugs with their light and trap them inside. After the trapping, you can dispose of all the bugs with ease.

Bug trap Homemade for Mosquitoes

The first thing that you need to do is to cut off the top part of a two-liter plastic bottle and then use a black spray-paint to color the outside. Then you need to perforate two 3/8 inch holes below the rim.

After all of this done, you need to cover the top and the brim with a mesh. And then wrap a wet cloth around the edge. Immersing in water once a day could work. And then fill the trap with water.

This way, all the eggs laid on the cloth would hatch and fall from the mesh and grow large, making it difficult to escape. With the help of this bug trap, you can get rid of the mosquitoes from your place.

Bug trap Homemade for Fruit flies

All you need to do is to take a quart-size bowl and fill it up with a foamy mixture that contains water and dish soap. And then, you need to take a smaller bowl that can float in the center. Fill this smaller bowl with a quarter cup of red vinegar.

What actually happens when you do this? The vinegar attracts the fruit flies, which in turn get stuck in the suds and helps in the complete elimination of the flies from your place. You can do this for a few days a week and get rid of the fruit flies. This fruit flies bug trap is very useful in keeping pests at bay.


If you have been worried about the bugs at home, then your worry ends here straight away. With the help of these homemade bug traps, you can easily wipe out all the flies and bugs from your home.