Landscaping With Climbing Vines in Your Garden

Landscaping With Climbing Vines in Your Garden

Climbing vines are a great option for landscaping as they can serve many purposes. You can grow climbing vines as dividers, privacy screens or just as ornamental plants. Such vines are climbing plants and they grow well with proper support. Their growth pattern makes them an important addition to many landscapes.

Climbing vines are of many varieties. Some have beautiful foliage and some even produce dainty colorful flowers. They can cover the walls with a lively blanket of colors. Apart from walls, they can be trained over trellis, fence, iron or wooden frames and so many other structures that can lend support to the plant. Climbing vines grab hold through their tendrils or petioles and grow fast. They can act as dividers between the garden and the surrounding area. You can even grow them for privacy as their thick and dense foliage acts as a screen.

Most of the climbing vines grow very rapidly and hence you can expect drastic change in the landscape soon after growing them. You can choose the right kind of vine for your garden depending on the climatic conditions and your preferences. Flowering vines usually attract a lot of insects for pollination so if that is not your kind then you can go in for non- flowering ones. They look equally appealing and can transform the garden easily. Bougainvillea and sweet pea vine are suitable for warmer climates. However, if you stay on a higher altitude where the temperature is comparatively cooler then you can consider growing English Ivy or Common Ivy. Climbing roses are great for the balcony or walls. They can give a colonial feel to the landscape.

There are different types of vines to choose from. Some are annual and some are perennial in nature. If you plant the perennial ones then they can add to the landscape for at least three or more years. However, it is important to choose wisely as some of the species are considered to be invasive. They can grow very rapidly spreading to the entire area. Some can even compete with the other plants growing around them. Avoid growing invasive vines as they can be nasty and tricky to control if they get out of hand.

Growing vines is fun and easy. You can even do it yourself to make your garden attractive. Some of vines that you can grow in your home garden are Clematis, Honeysuckle, Trumpet Vine, Dutchman’s Pipe, Climbing Roses, Sweet Pea, Grape Vine, English Ivy, etc.