Swimming Pools – Never Ending Pools

Swimming Pools – Never Ending Pools

Does your property sit on a hill where you can look out to the horizon, or maybe your view goes straight out to sea. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your back garden could flow right into the view? A popular new design in pools will bring the ocean to you. Infinity pools are mostly seen on more exclusive properties, but if your budget will allow it you can build a beautiful vanishing pool in your own back yard.

The Infinity pool usually has one or more disappearing edges. This gives the illusion that the pool has no borders, that the pool merges with the horizon or flows out to sea. It will give your property a most spectacular view. The pool system is designed to operate only when there are swimmers present. Basically, the way an Infinity pool works is the water will spill over the edge of the pool into a collection tank that is install underneath the pool and runs the length of the pool. It will then be circulated through a traditional filtration system and returned to the main pool. The Infinity pool does not use a skimmer, the water is sent to the pump through the drain system.

There are some costs associated with an infinity pool that do not occur with most traditional swimming pools. You will have to install the collection tank, more extensive waterproofing will be required, it will have to be fitted with a larger than normal pump and filter, and will need an auto fill sensor on the collection tank. A filling device is needed to compensate for water that is splashed out by bathers or by rain. A sufficient water level must be maintained for the pumps to operate properly. There will also be additional cost due to water loss from evaporation and splash out. Additional heating of replacement water will also add to operation costs.

Infinity pools add a breathtaking view to your property, but due to the way that the pool is designed to operate it is not very practical in Australia. Australians are under very strict water conservation restrictions, and are encouraged to reduce water waste in all aspects of their daily lives. These pool do not have the over hang pavers that are intended to restrict splash out when bathers are present. Evaporation in the Infinity pools is much more difficult on control so topping off has to be done more often. Rainwater collection tanks will provide the water necessary to maintain adequate water levels for proper operation and eliminate the need for mains water.

Other styles of designer pools are becoming more popular all of the time. One alternative to the Infinity pool is a mirror pool. These pools are a bit more expensive and there are fewer builders installing them.

The internet is an invaluable resource of information on the operation of Infinity pools and other available designer pools. As always consult with an approved pool builder for advice on choosing any non-traditional pools. Contact your local water authority for restrictions and requirements for Infinity pools.