A Gardener’s Shopping Spree

A Gardener’s Shopping Spree

Shopping for plants is one of those highly motivating tasks for a gardener. This is especially true if you have been bored by the same old look of your backyard for weeks or even for months. It is quite customary to see gardeners changing the habitual places of plants from time to time, but is this an ethical thing to do? After all, plants have life too!…

For some gardeners, the eco system in the backyard which they have contributed to put up is one of the most important things. However, for those who get bored quickly, the scenic beauty is the top most priority. If that is the case with you, no doubt you may have already unplugged a few healthy standing plants and migrated them elsewhere making space for a new member in town.

Some experts believe that such migration is healthy in some ways. However, you need to be knowledgeable about what you are doing. It is a known fact that color leafed plants absorb more energy and water than whole green plants and native plants. Therefore, if you were to throw a bunch of colored leaf plants in an area where the whole green fellows are standing strong, the chances are that the green fellows may become malnourished in months to come. So be wise when you chose a home land for those plants that you plan to move from one place to another.

Some people fancy changing plants from the ground to eye catching pots. You could merely here the earth’s cry when you do this. While smaller plants grow well and adjust themselves to pots, medium to larger scale plants will do a good job growing on the ground. So size definitely is a consideration you need to tick in your mind before you move houses for these dear plants.

Getting back to our shopping spree, it is quite usual to lose your mind when you visit those nurseries. If you know what I mean! The type of plants that takes your breathe away may not always be the best to have hanging around in your back yard for many reasons such as the weather, the type of soil and of course, how frequently you could maintain those. Another common consideration is that plant shopping can be an expensive venture if you go all out and buy everything your eye pleases. So why not make an appointment with your landscaper and discuss the implications before hand? If your garden designer or landscaper agrees, you could even visit the nursery with him/her.

Buying plants can be an exciting thing to do. After all, we all need scenic changes and a little bit of spice added up in life (or at the back yard) for that matter, from time to time. But in the process of trying to beautify your scenic landscape, you should never allow risk factors to ruin the already landscaped garden. So there goes! If you don’t know how to do plant migrations properly, keep away! After all, the experts are always on board to assist you.