Ranch Home Remodeling Tips – From Bland To Beautiful

Ranch Home Remodeling Tips – From Bland To Beautiful

One of the biggest complaints about the most commonly built style American home – the ranch – is that it is quite simply rather boring. In their most basic form the single story ranch can be a little dull. Four walls, a roof, rather plain, not many bells and whistles architecturally speaking. Even those with a second story are not always something worth writing home about.

That does not mean you are condemned to living in a nice but plain house. They are plenty of remodeling tweaks – some big, some small – that can add a little of that “wow” factor to your ranch home.


Nothing livens up the exterior of a ho-hum house as well as a departure from the featureless (if well manicured) lawn into a landscaping project that is a little more adventurous. Think winding paths, flower beads, exotic shrubberies, even water features. Enlist the aid and expertise of great landscaping professional and your ranch home could be the breakout star of the block in no time.


Most ranch homes have vinyl siding and, in many cases, rather boring, drab siding at that. There is nothing wrong with vinyl siding but why not upgrade to give the exterior of your home a lift? Just changing this single design feature can make a huge difference when it comes to remodeling ranch style homes.

Aluminum or concrete siding gives you the opportunity to spice things up a bit with a daring paint job and cedar shingles or faux stone will make it look like a different house altogether. Even the simple addition of small stone or brick accents for chimneys or bump-outs can add a nice texture.

Decks, Porches and Patios

Because ranch homes are generally built to be economical and affordable these outdoor features are often omitted or, if they are there, are very basic. By hiring a skilled deck builder or patio designer to help you create something extraordinary you get more enjoyment out of your home as well as enhance its aesthetic appeal.


Many homeowners underestimate the impact new windows can have on both the home’s exterior appearance and their energy bills. In general larger windows are better in design terms as they let in more light.

One of the most important things you can do when remodeling a ranch style home is to add texture to the uniform exterior. Bay windows are a great way to do that, but also don’t overlook picture windows which can be equally as attractive and effective.

Radical Remodels

If you have a little bit of money saved up that can be put to good use undertaking a more extensive remodeling job on your ranch home our advice is go for it, so long as you find a good, reliable general contractor to manage and execute the project.

If yours is single story ranch, adding a second level is a possibility well worth considering. Gabled dormers for the newly created upstairs bedrooms add a lot more of that “exterior texture” we were talking about earlier and a nice covered entry way can add a little extra something to your front door area as well.