Landscaping Tips For Aluminum Pool Fences

Landscaping Tips For Aluminum Pool Fences

Having a pool in the summer is a godsend and a big headache all at the same time. On the one hand there is the cool sensation of floating in the water, the comfort of sitting in the sun knowing that refreshment is only a step away, and frequent opportunities for friends and family to come and enjoy the pool with you. On the other hand there’s cleaning, evaporation, and safety concerns that have to be kept in mind.

If you already have an aluminum pool fence around your pool then you’re well on your way to fun summers and higher property values. If you don’t, you should seriously consider getting one put in (or Do it yourself). An aluminum fence is inexpensive, resistant to moisture and high levels of UV, and designed to last for years and years (making it an incredible long-term investment). Of course, depending on your current landscaping it can also look quite stark and rigid. No worries though because a few smart landscaping movies can make all the difference. I’ll share a few tips with you below.

Have an idea of what you want to accomplish. Spend some time just visualizing what you’d like to see while you relax by the pool and then make a basic sketch.

Decorative urns, terra cotta pots, and fence planters are a great idea. Placing these strategically around the inside of the pool fence can give the entire area a more charming and lush appearance.

If possible, try to plant your shrubs or flowers around the outside of the pool fence (in the ground), but keep in mind that location is everything. Keep the wind in mind and you will have less debris (leaves, etc) flying into your pool later.

A little mindfulness and some creativity are all you really need to bring a pool fence to life and make it an elegant and appealing addition to your refreshing pool party.