Landscaping Lighting Techniques to Prevent Starlight Light-Pollution

Landscaping Lighting Techniques to Prevent Starlight Light-Pollution

Anyone who is a part-time or hobby astronomer will tell you that you often have to go out away from the city to look at the stars. This is because there is far too much light pollution in human societies and civilizations. If you are designing landscaping and lighting for your home, business, or perhaps you are in that sector of our condominium where you do this for a living – then you really should consider some of the landscape lighting techniques to prevent starlight light pollution.

One of the best methods is to point the light downward, and only use the amount of light that is needed, and to use focused light bulb covers that keep the light from becoming a nuisance. After all, it is wonderful at night to look up and see all the stars, but unfortunately in the present period we have so much light that humans no longer realize how wonderful the stars are. People in the country know this, but many people of the city have never seen the stars at night. In fact, when they go into the country and look up they are blown away by how beautiful it is. “Look at all the stars,” is the first thing they say.

It’s too bad that we’ve made so many mistakes with the lighting of our cities; how we use streetlights, and how people that do landscaping do not consider these things, but they should. Each and every landscape designer should help prevent light pollution. There is something wonderful about looking up at the stars, it is very peaceful, and it makes life more enjoyable. And it would be wonderful if everyone could see them, and they would be able to – if the light pollution was kept to a minimum.

Indeed, I hope you will please consider this as it is a topic of interest, and if you have any comments or ideas along this line of thinking, perhaps you wish to me an e-mail. Think on it.