Effective Swimming Pool Landscape Design Tips

Effective Swimming Pool Landscape Design Tips

Swimming pool landscape design is something you may have considered to aesthetically improve the look and surrounds of your pool. If it’s a new pool, you will need to bring it in to the existing design of your garden to give a more rounded and comfortable place to spend your time and perhaps host some great pool parties.

Ideally, swimming pool landscape design is something that you should do before you actually have your pool installed as you will need to check any zoning regulations as to what you can and can’t do. If you are just doing your research at present, you are in the best position as not only can you decide on the type and shape of your pool, landscaping options are the most numerous and the advice you can get will be the most useful.

Whatever the shape or size of your pool, if you are hiring someone to install it, they are a great source of information and ideas. Remember, they have seen a lot of pools and landscaping designs! Whether you are installing the pool first, or already have one, then budget is something you will obviously consider. Realistically, when setting a budget, remember to add in at least 10% more for mistakes and unforeseen problems. If you keep to budget, you can always get better poolside furniture!

If you have children they will of course be your first consideration in your pool landscape design. Alarmed and lockable fences are essential, but don’t always look that nice so you may need to consider planting something that will screen eventually screen it, at least from certain parts of your garden.

Be creative in terms of plants and furniture. If you live in a bright sunny climate, palm and citrus trees will look fantastic. Although with trees, be careful. Keep a check on where you put them because of root growth (you don’t want them to break through your pool!), if they are too close to the water, then you will have a lot of leaves to get out and increase cleaning time. Watch out that you do not block out all the sun or you will just end up digging out some plants anyway – so think first.

Get the background planting well organised and planned first and personally, I feel the use of pots for smaller flowers is good as it allows you to move them around when everything else has grown up and you have a clearer picture or just want to move the pool furniture around.

I guess the bottom line here, as with any landscaping designs, is to get a budget, decide what you want to achieve, get your swimming pool landscape design and just get on with it!