Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Landscaping is a creative activity and provides an excellent platform for anyone overflowing with natural artistic juices. It is especially pleasing for those avid gardeners that truly want to display their inner talent and leave friends and family literally green with envy. Filling your garden with your own ideas and preferences can certainly work well after careful consideration and planning.

Magnificent blooms and healthy growth is one of the many rewards that nature provides for the conscientious gardener. A beautiful landscape does require a certain amount of maintenance on a regular basis to keep it looking attractive and inspirational.

The effort put into maintenance work certainly pays off very well. An overgrown garden filled with weeds and grasses is a sight for sore eyes. An unkempt lawn has about the same effect. A garden is in many instances an indication of how well your house is maintained. A lovely, well kept garden can make a visitor feel quite relaxed and at ease.

One of the worst gardening nightmares is to try and remove tough indigenous grass that has firmly established itself in between the flowerbeds, shrubs and groundcovers. Trying to pull them out seems to be a fruitless attempt as they simply grow back. The damage done to the beds in the process can leave one horrified. There is a solution to this problem. By carefully applying weed control solution directly onto the unwanted grass and weeds is the cure. Using rubber gloves dip your fingers into the herbicide and stroke it on to the blades and any other unwanted foliage. It is time consuming but it does work after a few applications done over a short period of time. The added advantage is that none of the good plants will be destroyed in the process and the invaders are well under control.

Lawn maintenance is another area that needs constant attention. One of the most valuable tips on having a luscious lawn is keep the cutting length at around five centimeters. This means that you will have to cut more often but the final outcome will be a healthy, thick stretch. It certainly helps to keep lawnmower blades sharp to prevent disease. Also refrain from cutting during the midday sun as this can do untold damage. Lawns require frequent watering and fertilizer to keep a tip top condition. An appropriate irrigation system complete with timer is a worthwhile investment if you have a large lawn area. It also takes out the guesswork of over or under watering an area.

This also applies to other parts of the garden. As some plants require more moisture than others it would be beneficial to group the thirsty ones together. Water is a valuable commodity and determining and using the required amounts for your garden can contribute to huge savings in the long run.

Using mulch in your beddings during the hot summer months keeps the soil moist. Mulch as well as compost helps the soil to maintain a good organic standard.