Landscaping Ideas in Small Yard – Things to Consider

Landscaping Ideas in Small Yard – Things to Consider

If you have a small yard you may begin to think that there’s a big limitation on what you can do with your landscape. And while that may be true, it certainly shouldn’t be a hindrance in having an awesome looking yard. There are several landscaping ideas for small yard that you can definitely work with. In fact, the only limitation here really is the space, everything else would be up to your creativity and resourcefulness.

There are various ways you can work around having a small space for your landscape. The real trick is to maximize whatever space you have and to create an illusion of expansiveness. This is something you can do with some of the consideration I will discuss with you.

To get started, here are some considerations to keep in mind:


Plants should definitely be a part of any landscape design no matter how big or small. Plants are what gives vibrancy and life to any particular space. In your case, you would do well if you can select plant varieties that could thrive well even in small spaces.

Another idea you can entertain is to start container gardening. You can have some hanging ornamental plants. You can also have some of these lined up in places such as the entryway or stairs. With container gardening, space wouldn’t be so much of an issue at all.


Since furniture and other fixture requiring bigger space are out of the picture, you can have some smaller accents that would enhance the beauty of your yard just the same. For example, you can have a smaller, ready made water feature to adorn your yard. Water features like those serenity garden or maybe even a simple birdbath wouldn’t have to take up so much space.

Another thing you might want to consider is using rocks. You can lay out rocks of varying sizes at different corners of the yard. Those rocks wouldn’t take up to much space but they do contribute to vary the elements of your landscape.


Since you are quite limited on space, you need to maximize whatever space you have. In order to do this, you can look at areas like near fences, stairs, walls and paved areas. They can be utilized as areas which you can use as part of the landscape.

Also, you need to be more thorough in the arrangement of your plants and other accents. You may have a small rock garden in the corner of your yard to utilize even that little space. You can arrange your container garden in a layered manner. You can have some of those ornamental plants hung on strategic places where they can be easily noticed and appreciated. These are minor things which spell out a big difference when you are landscaping a small yard.