4 Reasons Why Plants and Animals are Heading for Extinction – Landscaping for Wildlife

4 Reasons Why Plants and Animals are Heading for Extinction – Landscaping for Wildlife

As human beings in the 21st century we live a very privileged existence compared to our ancestors. We live in the most technological era since the start of mans evolution. We now have access to gadgets that exist to make our lives and our day-to-day tasks easier and quicker such as washing machines, blenders etc. But at what price? The environmental damage due to modern industrial evolution has been drastic.

Early man respected nature. As hunter gatherers they needed both plant and animal life to thrive. They hunted animals and gathered plants as a means of maintaining their existence. They may have hunted some species of animals to extinction due to their ignorance but we, modern man no longer have that privilege or excuse.

Wildlife conservation does not seem to be a priority for many governments and individuals. Our dependence and reliance on natural wildlife resources seems to be increasing instead of decreasing. We do not appear to be taking steps to change that. Before we know it animal and plant life will be completely from this world.

There are many reasons why plants and animals are heading that way.

FOOD: As spoken of before, certain species of animals are being driven to extinction due to over culling by humans.

FASHION: In the history of man, animals have been killed for the use of their skins and furs. In the past as a means of protection against extreme weather conditions this has been quite acceptable. But nowadays you could argue that with the development of products such as man-made synthetic fibres and appliances like heaters this need has been eliminated.

HOUSING: With the population of earth now exceeding six billion people, the demand for land to house them all has increased. More and more wildlife is destroyed in the pursuit of this.

THE CORPORATE ROLE: Big business has contributed to the depletion of wildlife and plants by their demand on our natural resources. Contributing to this are things such as manufacturing synthetic products, such as plastics, or by drilling for oil and thus disturbing the habitat of ocean wildlife.

We know there will always be a demand on the environment and its natural resources to enable man to thrive. However, what we need to do is create a balance. Surprisingly enough that which contributes to the cause of the negative impact on our environment is also contributing to the positive. Scientific research is being sought to implement strategies that will protect the environment. Also, by safeguarding natural areas and leaving them undisturbed they will flourish for future generations.