How to Build Your Own Fencing Panels

How to Build Your Own Fencing Panels

Building your own fencing panels may seem like a difficult thing to do by yourself, especially if you’re not a professional, but actually it is a very simple and quick task to do if you have the right tools and knowledge such as fence maintenance and safety.

The first major step to take when building fencing panels is to decide the number of pickets your fence will need. To estimate this, you will need to measure the distance across and split the total number of inches by six. The number six is used because it contains the picket width and the space between pickets.

The second step that you will need to take after you have all your measurements down is to brand two marks three inches down from the top of all your pickets. Placing the marks on the outside edges is more convenient, as they are easier to erase this way. After that you will need to make a second mark on the top midpoint of each picket. To create a point the technique that you should use is to mark each wedge in the shape of a point on all the tops of the pickets.

To start to cut the marked areas you will need a circular saw because it leaves sharp pointed tips on the tops of each picket. To shape out the bottom of the picket you need to start by marking the tops of each of the pickets eight inches south of the initial point you have just created. Mark the bottoms eight inches down towards the lower edge, again to ensure an easy removal of the mark. Continue to make the same mark on all the outside edges of your pickets. Creating these lines will give you the ability to line up all your pickets evenly on the rail.

After you have done this you can go ahead and place two on your fence rails on a flat surface and space them about twelve inches away from each other. Make sure that the outside edges are approximately seven inches away from the end of the rail. Use your nails to attach each picket to the railing and use the frame square to assure that each picket is at a 90 degree. Make sure to check that all your measurements are correct. After you have ensured that all your measurements are correct you can mount your fence.

Next, once your picket fence panel is finally mounted, you will need one extra picket on all joints at the end of your panel to hide the joints on your pickets in the rails. Make sure to not complete this step until after the panel has been mounted. Once you have completed this last final step you should be left with a beautiful fence panel that involves easy fence maintenance and upkeep.