Important Information About Leaf Blowers

Important Information About Leaf Blowers

There are many benefits to using a blower over a rake. The most obvious is time. For example, a yard that is 1/3 of an acre will usually take approximately three hours to rake. Of course, a lot will depend on how many tree branches hang over the lawn. In this case, it is assumed that trees cover the majority of the lawn. With a blower, this three hour event can be cut down to only about 30 to 40 minutes. Most people greatly appreciate saving this kind of time. It allows them more time to work, play, or spend with the family.

Another benefit to using a blower over a rake is helping prevent pain. Excessive rake use can lead to blistering, aching joints, sore muscles and even dehydration. An often overlooked benefit for owning a blower is improving neighbor relationships. Offering use of a blower to a neighbor will sometimes lead to offered favors in return, which could mean use of an extension ladder, a pruner, a hatchet, or anything along those lines.

It is now possible to buy a four-stroke engine blower that uses gasoline, or a two-stroke engine that uses a mixture of gas and oil. There are varieties attached to a backpack for easy carrying, or models that are hand-held. The hand-held blower is better for smaller jobs and the mounted blower is better for larger jobs.

As with anything, as long as the use of a blower is limited, it will not pose any serious risk to anyone or anything. Users should take the time to don work gloves, safety goggles and long pants to protect themselves from flying leaves, dirt, dust, twigs and rocks. Operators should also request that any small children or pets have left the area before using.

In conclusion, power leaf blowers take less time to corral leaves and debris than rakes. They are more efficient and reduce physical labor while promoting goodwill. As a result, they are worth the investment.