Analyzing a Site for FireWise Landscaping

Analyzing a Site for FireWise Landscaping

Especially at this time of the year–late summer and early fall, as well as early spring, the ground tends to be a lot drier and wildland fires can start far more frequently than at any other time.

Landscaping for wildland fire prevention is a great deal more important in some areas than it is in others, but realistically, it is important no matter where you live. Every area has some kind of fire danger. Those homes which are in national forest areas, or lying in the desert areas can be prone to wildland fires that can do amazing damage to your home.

Be smart and check out firewise landscaping. If you don’t know a lot about the firewise landscaping tactics, hire a professional landscaper who can advise you best about what to plant and where to plant it. There is a specific method to the madness of firewise landscaping that makes analyzing a site for firewise landscaping the first thing to accomplish before you even begin a new landscaping job.

Wildland Fire Landscaping Principles

Wildfires can be remarkably destructive. The difference between a wildfire and other kinds of natural disasters is that with the right advice and good choices, you can easily lower the risk of home or property loss and minimize the damage that is done.

Some things that need to be taken into account for your firewise landscaping analysis are:

The kind of home that you have and the way in which it could ignite–many older homes are now being retrofitted to make them far more impervious to ignition from embers, since older homes which do not have this may be at high risk for ignition.

Basic structure and geography of the area in which you live–where the trees lie, how the home lies in contrast to other areas around it. This can’t be changed of course, so far as the area in which you live, but it can be taken into account when it comes to your landscaping and the placement of elements for your outdoor world.

Adjacent buildings and other items that are in close proximity. If your outbuildings and garage are relatively close together then those too need to be taken into account so that there is more green space in between them in order to prevent a fire in one structure from moving to another.

Trees and other items. Which need to be removed, which can be worked with, open areas that run out away from the home, as well as fitting your home with lattice work, fencing and other structures that will keep your home safer. Landscaping is so much more than just the plants and trees that are used near your home.

The lay of the land, making sure that plants are place correctly moving up to the house and other areas, as well as planning for open areas, pruning back trees, removing trees, and even getting gravel and fire resistant fencing are also a part of firewise landscaping. Every aspect of your home needs to be taken into account when analyzing for your firewise landscaping to make sure that you are as safe as possible, and your home is as secure as it can be from a wildland fire.