Garden Enhancing Techniques

Garden Enhancing Techniques

Use unique looking plants to enhance the look:

You have to fulfill your desire of growing plants in small spaces are huge acres of land are available to a very few only. Rugged mountain landscapes can help in recreating images in small garden spaces. With the availability of unique looking different types of plants you can enhance the look of the garden. An efficient looking rock garden will also allow you to grow the kinds of plants you desire.

Rock garden landscaping is one great idea as this has a kind of an informality best suited for the modern age. To have a rock water features you can add a waterfall, water pools, rock plants etc. which can be placed along with the other garden features.

You can do intensive gardening in small areas too:

As far as water pools are concerned you can make them of concrete. You can also get ready made water pools made of plastic and fiber glass which can be masked with stone and plants. It is an easy job looking after a rock garden. You can fulfill your desire of growing different type of plants in all the space you have in the garden. It is not necessary to have huge spaces to carry out intensive gardening.

You can make space for both tender plants like honeysuckles, and camellias and at the same time grow some decorative plants in the garden depending on your choice. If there is a manhole in the garden you can make use of plants to cover it.

Prostrate conifers help in blanketing the iron work in the garden. Covering up certain areas of the garden with shrubs etc. not only provide shade but also help in masking areas like drain pipes etc. which one does not like to see in a well groomed garden.