Why Move to Chandler Arizona?

Why Move to Chandler Arizona?

Chandler Arizona is growing fast. The reasons for this phenomenal growth are clear once we take a good look at the city. Why move to Chandler Arizona? For the many things that it offers both business and resident.

The city of Chandler, Arizona is located near Phoenix. It is considered to be one most rapidly growing areas of the United States. The population of Chandler is about 200,000. The city has seen about 100 percent growth in just the last ten years along. Called the Oasis of the desert by the residents and locals, the city has undergone a metamorphosis from a small farming area to a large and forward-moving city.

Drawing both residents and business into the rapidly growing community of Chandler, the pull of Chandler is quite evident when you take a longer look at Chandler. The cornerstone of the community and the economy remains agriculture. While the farming type community makes Chandler desirable on many levels, encouraging the hard working and industrious resident, the area offers a great deal more.

Manufacturing has grown to play an important role in Chandler’s economy, as well as the electronics and technology fields for which the city is becoming famous. Residents here enjoy a lifestyle that is above the national average in several ways.

The average income for a worker in Chandler, Arizona is about $65,000 dollars. Home costs are very affordable, averaging $100,000 dollars for a home, which may range from a resort home to a condo, to a desert home with a breathtaking view.

The culture and educational opportunities that you find in Chandler are also outstanding in their breadth and scope. Nearly all year around a full range of arts, theater, and crafting shows are available to you in Chandler Arizona. The Chandler downtown area offers you a wide range of opportunities for culture as well. With a historical district that spans centuries of Native American and other influences, you’ll find restaurants, galleries, wineries, as well as an amazing array of shopping areas where you can find any type of goods that you may be looking for.

Both guests as well as residents of the city of Chandler, Arizona love the many different museums which Chandler houses. From the Dairy Farm museum to the Fairytales museum, the array of culture is mind-bending. If you’re into more outdoors-hardy activities, you’ll find that the skateboard parks, the ice skating, which is available year-round, as well as the horseback-riding and the golfing are all great reasons why move to Chandler, Arizona.

What’s the big draw about Chandler? Why move to Chandler, Arizona? How about year-round culture and entertainment, great educational opportunities, amazing sports, outstanding culture, weather that is remarkably temperate, and low prices on goods, utilities, services and housing? If those are not reason enough for considering a move to Chandler, Arizona, then you’re a difficult person to convince.