The Basics of a Healthy Yard and a Healthy Mind

The Basics of a Healthy Yard and a Healthy Mind

Not everyone knows the importance of a well landscaped yard. Good landscaping, plays a bigger role in your mental health. It also helps to facilitate social networking in our neighborhoods. Your home is something to be proud of. When you come home to a beautiful yard, the mind gets uplifted and your happiness increases. Your neighbors will see your yard more than they will see you. This makes your yard an important part of your social image. With a well landscaped yard people will respect you more and have a higher opinion of you. Landscaping the yard gives you reason to be outside. In this time neighbors will talk to you and friendships can be formed.

With all the benefits of a well landscaped yard you many be thinking, “How do I achieve such a yard?” Here are some tips to make this reality.

The first step is to start with a good base. It is important to have rich top soil. This is one of the hardest steps. Rich soil is hard to buy. If you have rich soil to start with you are lucky. Good soil takes time but is worth it in the long run. Focus on key areas first, like the flower beds. Mixing compost into the soil gives the best results. For the lawn, have your local landscaper lime and fertilize once a year. It’s also important to plant with good ground-cover that will not remove nutrients from the soil. Although your plant will still grow in poor soil, it will take much longer for it to thrive and become established. However, good top soil will also help weeds, which will mean you’ll have to control the weeds.

The second tip is to keep weeds under control. It will be worth it because your plant will ultimately grow faster and stronger, thus eliminating the bare areas where weeds grow. Weeds that are left to grow will destroy your grass and make your flower beds look mess and wild. Lawn weeds are unsightly and spread to your neighbors lawn. Your neighbors will quickly lose respect for you, if you create more work for them. If your weeds get out of control, landscapers only have to options. Remove the old lawn and reseed or spend hours removing weeds manually. All this trouble can be avoided by taking a little time each week and remove weeds the show up.

The most important tip is to have a landscaper you can trust. Having someone to help with the big landscaping projects can take your yard to the next level of perfection.