Rubber Mulch for Sustainable Landscapes

Rubber Mulch for Sustainable Landscapes

As environmental awareness increases, more and more programs are being developed to help decrease man’s carbon footprint. Landscapes and gardens have been included in the list as well. One great way of maintaining more sustainable yard or property landscapes is by using rubber mulch. Here are some ways rubber mulch does its part in upholding a future for the coming generations.

Long-lasting Recycled Material

The more rubber mulch we use, the less landfill we have. Rubber mulch comes from old and scrapped tires. It decomposes very slowly and does not fade in color. It lasts longer than other organic mulch products and doesn’t need to be replaced often. This is where the savings come in, since most mulch requires a lot of tending and replacement.

Ground Water Advocate

Rubber mulch is made of permeable material and does not hold water. Rain water, for example, would simply seep downwards. With the proper collection systems installed underneath, the rain will reach ground water instead of just storm drains. This will recharge the ground water, which tends to be neglected due to the existing waterway systems and cement foundations that we have in place.

Weatherproof Crumbs

Since water doesn’t stay on the surface, fields made of rubber mulch do not get muddy. They also do not gather dust. The pieces are heavy enough not get carried by the wind as well. Storm waters don’t stay on the surface either, making it an effective deterrent against floods and river overflows.

Shock Absorbent Matter

The leading reason why rubber mulch is used in athletic fields, playgrounds and horse arenas is its ability to absorb falls. Runners bounce more and feel less stress on each footfall. Parents relax more and worry less about scraped knees or broken bones. Horses run faster as their hooves feel less strain.

Temperature Regulator

Rubber is a good insulator. As mulch, it helps the soil moderate heat. This is especially true of darker colored mulch that absorbs more heat. Be careful in areas notorious for forest fires, though, as this material can accelerate the fire as well as wood chips and hay can.

The use of rubber mulch is one more way of doing your part in saving the environment. Its use can also make the landscape more attractive with the variety of colors that it comes in. Just make sure the vibrant color doesn’t overpower the rest of your lawn, garden or overall landscape.