Landscape Fountain – Choosing the Best One

Landscape Fountain – Choosing the Best One

The size and design of your fountain will be determined by several things including how big your yard actually is, the style of the yard and how big the pump you are prepared to install.

Landscape fountain styles

It is very important to remember, that since the fountain is the central point of your yard, it should be in the same style as everything else. It often happens that homeowners chose their fountains for their beauty, not thinking about how the fountain will integrate with the trees, plants and the garden theme in general. Even the prettiest fountain if it doesn’t create harmony with the surroundings will not benefit your space, but will make it look unplanned.

Power supply for a fountain pump

Another thing to consider is what source of power your fountain will have. Here you have two options – you can install solar panels to provide your fountain with power, or simply use electricity. If you intend to run electricity from the house, the pump should be connected to the power by a professional electrician.

What is the best place for landscape fountains

The placement of your fountain is just as important as its style. Obviously, if you want it to be the focal point, you should install it somewhere very visible. In formal landscapes the fountain is usually installed in the middle, but if you have a less formal landscape style, the middle is not necessary. One thing to consider, however, is to keep your fountain away from trees, since you don’t want to fish the leaves out of your water all the time.

If your fountain runs from the electricity it makes sense to install it closer to the house. Also keeping the fountain close will give you the opportunity to enjoy it while seating on your patio. On the other hand, you can place the fountain in the opposite side of the yard, if you have a little retreat aria there. Possibly also install a bench there and some cover.

As for the size and shape of your fountain, there are so many available, that it should be really easy to find the one that suits your general landscaping theme. Also, you should not buy the fire first fountain you like, look around. It would be a shame to get a water feature and later discover that the next garden center has a much better deal.