How To Start Your Own Gardening Business

How To Start Your Own Gardening Business

Gardening is one of those things that some people feel really passionate about and get lots of pleasure from and so many people probably think about turning their hobby into a cash making machine by starting their own company. But doing this for a job is very, very different indeed from doing gardening in your own small garden at home, so if you are thinking about this please do make sure that you are making the right choice. I would not recommend anyone to try to start up on their own doing this unless they had plenty of experience working in this area for another company.

But having got the disclaimer out of the way, this can also be a very nice way to make good money. Of course everyone would dream of taking on the grand landscaping jobs and spending much of their time doing design work and so on. For some people that may happen, but when you are first starting out as a new business you need to take whatever work that you can get and that often means lots of simple but labour intensive work that might not be very exciting.

One example of this would be lawn care – not too glamorous but it is a good way to get enough work coming in for you to make a living from and it is not difficult to do. Even someone with no experience could do this, which as I already said is not the case with landscaping.

The first thing to do is obviously to pick out a good name and get all of the legal stuff and paperwork out of the way. If you do want to do the garden design and landscaping as well as the more routine maintenance type work then you should have something to show the client. Ideally that would obviously include examples of your own work, but to start off with it could just be pictures that show the type of thing you can do and give inspiration. You can look through these with your clients when you first go to meet them and discuss what they want.

When you leave a happy customer one good tip is to leave them with a few business cards and ask them if they could pass them on to any friends who might need work done in the future.

If you do good work, and put in the effort behind the scenes to keep your company running, then you stand an excellent chance of being successful.