Add a Wood Pergola to Your Landscape!

Add a Wood Pergola to Your Landscape!

1. Locate. Set The Posts. Once you’ve found the perfect location for your new pergola, you will need to locate and place four posts. You can pick up a post-hole digger at a reasonable price at your local hardware store, or you can make the job easier with an auger. You will want to dig your holes 12″ wide and about 2′ deep. Add some loose rock or gravel to the bottom of each hole for proper drainage. Place your 4×4 posts into each hole, making sure they are completely level all around. Pick up several bags of QuikreteA�, mix with water, and set the posts according to the instructions.

2. Attach Joist Beams. Use 2×10 lumber for your joist beams and cut them to Cut joist beams from 2×10 boards and bridge them across the set posts. You can get creative with the ends of the joist beams by using a jigsaw to cut a decorative pattern in the beam ends. Use your imagination. Clamp the beams in place while you drill out the holes in the joist beams and posts. Finally, attach the beams to the posts with 3″ lag bolts.

3. Cut And Attach The Stringers. Use 2×6 boards to span the posts and overhang the joist beams. Again, you can get creative here by using a jigsaw for a decorative cut and look. Stringers should be evenly spaced with 3″ deck screws (galvanized).

A pergola provides an attractive sanctuary to your home’s landscape. Building a pergola is a nice, weekend DIY project for many homeowners, but be sure to call a professional contractor if the job’s a bit too much for your skillset.