About Nepali Food and Culture

Nepal a small country, filled with nature’s gifts geographically lies between India and China. This lovely Himalayan country consists of many castes and sub-castes, who take great interest in preparing and eating delicious food. Another interesting factor is that the Nepalese people eat a lot of meat, so there is a huge inventory of recipes, consisting of mutton, chicken, fish and pork dishes. There are a lot of vegetable varieties also, available since Nepal is basically an agricultural country with 75% of the people doing farming as their main profession.
The basic food of the Nepali people, in the cities is rice, one vegetable dish along with a variety of lentil and some meat dish and a tasty pickle to top it up. The recipes of the rich and super rich are extremely delicious and mouth-watering, since a large variety of herbs and spices are put into the preparations. These herbs used in Nepali cuisine are all naturally grown and not harmful to health in any way. The villages and remote areas of Nepal is a different story. Like all third world countries Nepal too has thirty percent of the people eating and living well and the rest are under the poverty line. Although poor, their daily diet consists of home grown yellow corn flour and a dried form of spinach; which is energetic and healthy but not tasty. During the festival period especially in Dashain, the main festival of the Nepalese which falls in October and continues for about two weeks; poor or rich the people really eat and celebrate. A goat is cut and prepared in almost every home and other festival delicacies are also served. In short the Nepalese love to eat good food.
Nepali food varies according to the caste and sub-castes, but it can be divided into three main categories; Nepali food, Newari food and Thakali food. The Newari dishes come from the Newars, a certain caste of people, who initially ruled Kathmandu and the neighbouring states. Many of their dishes are extremely tasty. The Thakalis are also a certain tribe of people who mainly stay in western mountain regions of Nepal. Their food preparations are also delicious but few in numbers. Unfortunately, Nepalese cuisine has not been introduced into the outer world due to various reasons.Kuliner kota Malang