Outdoor Garden Statues – Yard Decoration 101

Outdoor Garden Statues – Yard Decoration 101

A beautiful garden in the backyard adds so much enjoyment to a home life. You can relax walking leisurely on a soft path, smell the gentle and heady fragrances of various herbs and flowers, see a thousand different shades of green colors of the leaves, or hear the tranquil sound of a water fountain, or watch various birds flying in and out of a birdhouse or around a bird feeder. And of course you can decorate it with outdoor garden statues, which bring art form into a peaceful nature setting.

Statue Themes

Big hardware stores sell outdoor statues in the garden department. The selections may be limited. But they will give you ideas. For example, frog statues blend well in most situations so it’s easy to find a place for them in the garden. Boy or girl statues are popular also. Putting them near a bench will look like the garden has some constant visitors. Gnome statues attract the attention of children endlessly and will add a fairy-tale atmosphere to the garden for them. That is, if the garden is landscaped to have some hidden area like the maze, then it could be an amazing playground for them.

Adding statuary into a garden is an art project, like decorating a room or a house. At first it can be anything that looks interesting. Even a piece of rock can be a statue. You can select a rock that have unusual shape or colors, or just pile several pieces of ordinary rock together to form a pyramid. But it’s hard to make a rock statue look good. In Japan a rock garden is a form of spiritual discipline meant for concentration and reflection.

Start with a few simple and inexpensive outdoor statues and experiment with them. Put them here and there in the garden. Rearrange them. Maybe add a wind chime. Pretty soon you will have a garden with style!