Landscaping Tips For Your Swimming Pool

Landscaping Tips For Your Swimming Pool

When you think of a backyard swimming pool, what picture comes to mind? Do you imagine a simple, rectangular pool in the middle of a span of plain concrete? A swimming pool does not need to be merely utilitarian; pools can be as aesthetically interesting as they are fun. The key to an attractive, exciting pool area is to make sure that the pool and the environment surrounding it fully complement each other.

When planning your pool area, there are three key ideas you should keep in mind: beauty, safety and convenience. Here are some ideas on how to achieve all there in your backyard pool area:


Outdoor lighting can make your pool area seem festive and inviting. Whether you want tiki torches, string lights, or underwater LED lights, make sure your pool and yard are well-lit. Not only does lighting create ambiance, it is also an important safety feature. Proper lighting reduces the chances of a family member or guest tripping or falling into the pool. You can also accent lighting to draw attention to special design elements, such as statues or water features.


Plants and rocks are great landscaping elements around a pool. They can help swimming pool truly blend in with its surroundings, almost as if it were a natural space. However, it is very careful to choose your plants carefully. For example, a flowering tree may be very beautiful, but do you really want to have to worry about having to constantly sweep leaves and petals out of your pool? An evergreen, on the other hand, will look nice year-round, with minimal maintenance requirements.


Fencing is absolutely necessary for any pool. Not only will it preserve your privacy, it will also prevent any accidents which could arise from neighborhood children visiting your pool unattended.


Not every moment that you spend enjoying your pool environment will actually be spent in the pool itself. Gazebos are not only beautiful; they also add a convenient, shady place for you to relax and enjoy your time outside. Add a table and chairs, and you have the perfect outdoor dining spot.

Masonry & Paving Stones

It’s a good idea to cover the ground around your pool, to avoid muddying the ground and getting dirt and grass into the water; however, plain poured concrete is not your best option for ground cover. Masonry and natural paving stones are beautiful additions to your landscape, and also very practical. For one thing, these materials are generally not the bright white of poured concrete, so they will be less harsh on the eyes in the glaring sunlight of summer. Also, materials with textured surfaces will not become as slippery when wet as a smooth surface would, and will reduce the chances of someone falling.

When it comes to planning the design for your swimming pool area, the possibilities are unlimited. Flip through some design magazines, talk to a landscape designer, and get started on your own personal oasis.